How it Works

Arranging finance is remarkably straightforward. MSI’s objective therefore is to make it straightforward for you, our client.

Step 1 Contact & Understanding

Call 01344 876900 to discuss your requirements with our Client Director. This is the most important contact as the key to arranging finance is our understanding of your requirements.

At MSI you will have immediate access to your own single contact, Client Director, at all times, whose responsibility will be to expedite the procedure and to keep you updated every step of the way.

Step 2 Proposal

Once we have fully understood your requirements we will issue an offer advance, which will clearly detail the terms and conditions of the proposed finance.

Step 3 Valuations & Documentation

Your Client Director will liaise with you to ensure that required valuations and documentation are processed in the most efficient manner and forwarded onto you and your solicitor.

Step 4 Agreement

Your solicitor will be required to explain to you all the terms and conditions of the Loan Agreement to you. You will then be required to sign the documentation.

Step 5 Implementation

Once all the signed documentation has been completed and returned to us we will arrange the immediate transfer of funds to you. Your Client Director will continue to liaise at all times until implementation is complete.

Step 6 Review

As part of our objective of sustainability we keep in touch with our clients throughout the period of the Loan Agreement to ensure we continue to understand your changing requirements and establish a long-term flexible association between us.