Sustainability is a modern term that describes a principal MSI has followed since its foundation.

In the current financial climate, which has presented clients with many new challenges, MSI seeks future growth and partnership with long and established clients.

The term ‘sustainability’ originally comes from forestry and means that the amount of wood cut must not exceed the amount of new trees planted. This idea can be directly translated into far-sighted and responsible corporate management, ensuring responsible lending criteria’s are safeguarded to maximise client’s project success.

Sustainability in our business is the foundation of our commercial success, from the moment you approach us with your initial concept we will analyse your projects potential and take a proactive approach that focuses on making things happen.

Only by having successful clients will MSI be successful, we rely on our clients each working in partnership to make each project a success and hence ensure our respective sustainability.

We constantly invest in today for the future.

We are particularly interested in participating in sustainable projects, new building developments that incorporate renewable energy sources into their design, projects that use sustainable building materials and projects that create value to the surrounding community and environment.